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  1. Thanks a thousand it worked! =) now to make sure i have a backup of my lglcd =) (im just so sure i made a backup on my last windows but guess not) so nice not having to spend for ever trying to make it feel right =)
  2. So i can find the AIDA64.INI file on my old system drive? that is awesome if true! =), would save me a ton of work trying to rebuild it =). i will check when i get home thanks for the fast reply, i thought i would get an email when someone replyed to it but dose not seem like it.
  3. Hi there, just today i installed my windows on a new SSD. i kept everything i had on my old SSD with windows (nothing got deleted what so ever) problem is, i cant find the .lglcd file (the LCD file) i had on my old windows to import. is there any other why to get it? i tried to sreach my whole pc for ".lglcd" and only get some .dll files. i would really hate having to redo it all again, it takes so long and it will never fill the same =(
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