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  1. Here is my sensor panel. SenorPanel.sensorpanel
  2. Hello, I was wondering if there is a way to get decimal places for the statistics tab under the stability test for temperatures like in the "sensors" page? I phave provided a picture as to what I am referring to. Thanks.
  3. Works Great! Thank you for supporting it. Just one question, can the items be edited on the sensor page. It just says "Temperature #5" when it should be like "Coolant Temperature." Otherwise everything looks great. Again, I really appreciate your software and excellent customer service.
  4. HWinfo64 and SIV both display the information also.
  5. It is connected directly to the motherboard USB header via the USB cable that came with it. I have it hooked up the same way as the old H100iGTX was and the values were displayed in AIDA64
  6. I had a Corsair H100i GTX (Asetek unit) cooler and when I exited CorsairLink it would show the coolant temp, fan speed, and pump speed in AIDA64 under sensors. I just upgraded to the H110i GT (CoolIT unit) and it no longer displays the info in AIDA64. Everything displays in corsairLink correctly. I was just wondering why it no longer displays the coolant temp, and fan speeds (Fan 1 & 2- because 2 fan controllers). The pump speed in displayed because I attached it to the pump header on ASUS Z170 Deluxe motherboard.
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