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  1. Using the standard alerts configuration with Fan #9 GPU D5 Pump2 as an example. Alerting by Hilton, on Flickr On the LCD configuration page - to create a pop up image - add a new "Alert Trigger" drop down that references all available alerts that have been configured. Set your image X:Y: coordinates as usual... Then Bobs your uncle. If the alert is true, trigger the image, if alert is false, then hide the image. You could go further with this and make multiple alert triggers available for a single alert image. LCD new alert image by Hilton, on Flickr For the alert text you could add an alert sensor item "Alert" check box, again with a drop down list of available alerts that have been set. If alert is false default "show value" style applies, if alert is true, apply "Alert Style". All the core framework is there you just need to link the modules. LCD new sensor show value style by Hilton, on Flickr
  2. Thanks! You already have the alert module. Maybe you can leverage the existing alert configuration by providing an option in the LCD configuration page to link to an alert from the alerts that have been set to trigger an image, or text state change for an LCD item. Ill mock up an example. PS. If you have a mega dollar investment in your PC (or whatever your PC is monitoring) you'd want to know if there was a problem too. (hence the comprehensive dashboard)
  3. Hi Guys, Love what you've done with support for Aquaero and Corsair AXi PSU's! Im just converting over from LCDhost to Arx with Aida. You've made it a lot simpler than it used to be to get all the sensor data! I had to make batch files and custom configurations and XML parsing to get the data into LCDHost. Well done making it this simple! The interface and configurability of sensors for Arx is great, not as completely customisable and with the range of plugins for LCDHost, but it's still pretty powerful. There is a couple additional things I'd like to add to the wish list! The ability to set images, text or sounds to be triggered for events, such as over temp, under speed, under flow etc for critical events and alarms. And support for Alarm events from the Aquaero. Im about to put my PC away out of sight and (earshot) to create a quiet room and would like to have a completely wireless setup including, keyboard, mouse, and monitoring with Arx on tablet. (The PC screen will be in a multi-use room mounted to a wall behind a retractable projection screen with either a desk on wheels that I'll wheel from the side of the room infront when using the PC screen (55" 4K OLED) or the desk will slide/flip out from the wall when the projection screen is up. I've attached below my draft progress moving over to Arx on a 8" tablet and the original LCDHost configuration so you can see where Im going with this. With LCDHost I was able to set Aquaero alarms to trigger pop-up text and play sounds. Ive attached an example from a very old configuration. The mini icons on LCDHost also update based on thresholds for a quick view of any issues. If you could some how replicate this with the ability to trigger alerts from sensor readings and display text or images it would be wonderful! LCDHost on G19 screenshot-09 by Hilton, on Flickr Draft layout of Arx on 8" tablet aida64-arx-screenshot by Hilton, on Flickr old Pop up Alarm example on G19 for GPU Pump 2 failure screenshot-17 by Hilton, on Flickr Here's how conditional formatting works in LCDHost. (Bottom right panel - click for full-size image) Conditional Formatting - images by Hilton, on Flickr In case you're wondering what on earth this is all for.... IMG_4135 by Hilton, on Flickr IMG_4129 by Hilton, on Flickr IMG_4115 by Hilton, on Flickr IMG_4112 by Hilton, on Flickr
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