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  1. Your tool has worked fine for me since turning that option off. I was just opening and closing apps like MS Word and Adobe PDF reader for testing purposes and seemed to have problems with the option on. The tool has proven very usefull for monitoring what I have needed it for. (Tracking the performance impact of an automated data backup solution)
  2. I believe I found the problem. When you have the option "Log started and stopped processes" turned ON it causes errors when reading the log files. It would be nice to be able to leave that option turned on in some future update/release.
  3. After doing A LOT of testing and retrying I was finally able to open 1 log file out of 50 tries doing different things. Mostly 1 am getting an "Array Index out of bounds" error. But also some other errors about my log file being manipulated or corrupted.
  4. Help! I have the logging set up the way it needs to me but I can not get the log viewer to open my file. Could I email you my log file and you can tell me what I am doing wrong.
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