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  1. that means i wasted 20 USD to buy the Second-hand good,opps.
  2. I found a computer installed Windows xp then install SFM, but the software can't identify my SPF72H, is this product contains many different sub model? and I found a disturbing phenomenon that my user manual has no information about mini - monitor
  3. i am using windows10 x64 and i want use SPF-72H to connect to my computer.But after i installed the LibUSB driver and open aida64 it still shows usb devices not found.i found my 72H has a strange device ID : 0851-1543 in mass storage mode.is there anybody knows what happened? And when i install the driver,if i open the installer_x64.exe directly it only shows a window and close quickly,so i have to open my devices manager and install the driver manual,is that the problem? PS:forgive my terrible english,it is not my first lauguage
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