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  1. Hi there, I'm missing some sensor reading of my 6900XT. Comparsion of HWInfo and Aida: ATI GPU Registers and ATI SMBus Dump attached below. atigpureg.txt atismbusdump.txt
  2. Sure it is only the name but it is not the correct label for the fans - especially for the fan 5 and 6 because they have a pump prefix. No problem here is the dump usbdump.txt
  3. Hi there, the numbering is correct. But the fans and their connectors did not match with the official tools (see pic attached). Small stuff. In the meantime I have also the Gigabyte RGB Fan Commander connected to my system. This box comes with two temperature sensors and eight fan-connectors/RGB headers. It is possible to get access to this box? Thanks for your help.
  4. Hello everyone. I got my hands on a Gigabyte X570 Xtreme. I would like to share some interesting sensor readings and missing sensors values. The board has a noise detection sensor. Can we read these values? And there is a possibility to switch to from rpm to lpm. It is possible to show this in the sensor tab in AIDA? The chassis-fans are labeled wrong. They are called System 1-6 with fan 5 and 6 with the label pump attached. Greetings isasensordump.txt
  5. Thank you Now the fanspeed appears in the sensor page when the fan is active and the entry is removed when the fanspeed is 0rpm. But the readings are now correct. But there is still a small problem if you want to map the sensor reading to a Logitech LCD display you have to push the button when its not active. So it would be great if AIDA64 can show the fanspeed for the PSU in the sensor-page even when the fan is stopped. Have a nice weekend
  6. Hello, there are PSU related values in the sensor page. But there is still a problem with the fan and its speed. The PSU has a semi-passive fan - its acitve when the temperature reaches a threshold. There is no 0% fan-speed value for the PSU but if I push the test button of the PSU the fan-speed from the PSU is appearing on the sensor page and when I release it the fan will stop - but the sensor page still show the max rpm value of the fan.
  7. Hello , thank you for your answer! Yes I have enabled the Link-Support but the RM-Series has a USB connection for the sensors. So there is a "problem" with the driver. It seems that ther is no driver for the RM-Series anymore. In the Silabs folder there are a driver with these device IDs: VID_1B1C&PID_1C00, USB\VID_1B1C&PID_1C01, USB\VID_1B1C&PID_1C02. But the device ID from the controller in the PSU is USB\VID_1B1C&PID_1C0A. It uses a default (?) Windows HID driver and the Corsair Link software uses this driver. As you can see the device is in the usbdump. In my old dump was a unknown device - was a problem with a USB hub - I just fixed it Thank you for your help usbdump.txt
  8. Hi there I got a new Corsair RM650. The Fan(speed) is missing and I think also other values. Here is my usbdump. In my file the "Corsair Integrated USB Bridge" but I can values with the Corsair Link software. Thank you very much usbdump.txt
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