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  1. Thank you so much. I'll try to get this working soon and let you know if successful (or not).
  2. Yes it can. My Linux distro has virtualisation so I can pass through any USB device to virtual machines (windows, linux etc).
  3. Yes, please advise how I can show web pages in Beadapanel, thank you.
  4. Is it possible to show a web page on the beada panel? I have another monitoring tool that's web based and want to show the dashboard.
  5. Nice. Where did you get the case from? Also the 6.8" screen is not visible on ebay.co.uk - please can you fix.
  6. Hi Does Aida64 support this PSU from Gigabyte? https://www.gigabyte.com/Power-Supply/GP-AP1200PM#kf
  7. Would love a 800x480 version of this if possible?
  8. So my Beadapanel 5" just arrived today. Does anyone have a collection of sensor panels that I can import in to Aida for this LCD?
  9. Nice, not actually seen this before.
  10. Love all the sensor panels that users are posting, however, I'm struggling to find an LCD panel to go with my case/theme. The Lian Li O11 mini in white is my preferred case and I want to utilise the side panel where an AIO rad/fans would probably fit. I guess the panel should be approx 12" or 300mm - maybe longer? and preferably with a white bezel. Does anyone have any recommendations? USB LCD would be the way to go but happy to use HDMI if I don't have a choice.
  11. Custom made or can i buy it somewhere?


  12. Thanks. Just tried it and it works. You and the team are amazing!
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