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  1. Sorry for being so persistent, but still I would like to be able to see more sensor information about my Corsair link devices. Seeing what the sensor debug dump is giving, so much more are possible to show to us. Yes I understand now that if you would calculated up all sensor information from all devices/sources that you don't end up with the total that the Corsair Link sensors are giving, but I don's think that's an reason to leave out those sensors in a program like yours. In the end, its still hardware sensor information. You are now able to read out all Corsair hardware sensor information from the Corsair Link devices, so why not show them ? In the end, it's sensor information. And if its really a problem that you only want to show(in your eyes) correct information, then just make an option where people can tick a check box saying: "I understand that not all hardware sensor are showing me accurate information, but I agree that I know this and won't sue you" There are enough people mentioning that also temperature differences are noticed between a hardware sensor against using a temperature gun and your not leaving those temperatures out either. My reason for testing and basically buying your product within days was that it was able to read the the Corsair Link hardware sensors, sending the information to my Aquaero 6 and showing it on my Logitech keyboard. I was under the impression it just read all hardware sensors, but now it seems that you are not showing/sending it when you don't trust a sensor output. So again, please leave the decisions to trust the output (or not) to us (the users) and just show them all when we confirm that we agree on this. As you are already able to read the information, I don't see to much of a problem to also show it when we wish. SIV does the same and I know its not right, but I don't care and its better than nothing. I rather see a approach to reality than nothing. Thx !
  2. Today it doesn't seem to be doing it. If it does happen again, then I will find out which sensor and will let you know. [edit] It started again, but I have found the bugger that is bugging me. It was a fan set to run at a certain water temperature, but the controller curve was too sensitive and the water stayed exactly at that temperature, so my fan power kept pulsing. I changed the controller curve and now its fine. Thanks for the support ! It made me find the issue real quick.
  3. Then I am happy to say that my PSU is very power efficient. It's giving move power than it takes Unfortunately, but understandable. I only got 2 PSU's connected to my Corsair Link Commander Mini because I got 2 computers build in a stack-able case. I will disconnect the second one again. Great Thanks !! I have tested it and it works for me. I do noticed that the sensor screen is refreshing a lot now. I counted and its not the same time in between every refresh, but at least less than 10 seconds. It makes the 'Sensor' window scroll back to the top every time, thus it makes reading values lower in the list almost impossible. Still would like to see the power Supply 'current' as well I work in the IT as well, so I know you love a challenge. I will bug you about the progress later this year
  4. This weekend I have been playing a bit more with the software. I bought the software last week because I wanted it to feed sensor information to my Aquaero 6 and my logitech Keyboard LCD screen. So far I still think its a great piece of software and I would like to have it completely replace any other sensor software that I am using. Though there are still a few things that I am missing, - As mentioned in my previous post, I don't see the current belonging to PSU input voltage (#89 ?) - When connecting 2 PSU's, I would expect to see a 'Power Supply #1' and a 'Power Supply #2', for all sensor types, but I only see one. SIV shows information of both of them. - Sensor information given for the Power Supply input voltage can not be selected to be used for external applications and as LCD sensor input. Its available in the sensor page, but not in the list that you can select for your LCD or external applications. - And this might be more a feature request, but it would be nice that we can add a few virtual sensors on which you can do configurable calculations on selected existing sensors. Free for anyone to configure as they wish. For example: vSensor #1 = difference between 'Temperature #2' and 'Temperature #5' (for example to show the delta-T of watercooled systems) vSensor #2 = average of 'Temperature #4' and 'Temperature #6' and optional 'Temperature #7' ​(for example to show a average of the internal temperature) vSensor #3 = total of 'GPU1: GPU VRM Power' + GPU2: GPU VRM Power' + GPU3: GPU VRM Power' (for example to show the total power usage of all GPU's) Screenshots and CorsairLinkDump are attached again. corsairlinkdump.txt
  5. Thanks, that cleared some things up for me. Every bank is for a different rail, so bank #3 is for the -12v rail. But now... I don't give up ... sorry If I put all 4 bank next to each other and compare them, then most Pkt#'s are nearly the same. I would say they are the same, but just because of of the short time in between reading those 4 banks you get small differences. Presume these must have the global values for the PSU. So what about Pkt #88 and #89 ? These are voltage and current... can't you calculate the correct PSU's power input from this ? Also I can connect my AX860i as well again (with a power meter between the wall socket and the PSU) and do some more comparison if you like.
  6. I can also report that my AX1200i is not able to provide the current (A) and power (W) usage for the 5v supply (also not in the Corsair Link Software). I understood its a firmware issue and that is something Corsair will need to fix. But still I would like to be able to see the total power usage of my AX1200i, so that I can feed it to my Logitech keyboard LCD screen. And reading this topic this seems to be a challenge to get this working, but still I would like to try to give my input to this. SIV is able to show this information and also if I run a Corsair Link Dump from AIDA64 I can see these values back in the dump that was created. I have done the debug and the screenshot at the same time, so values can be compared. I have added the debug dump and screenshot to this post. These values are for sure my Output W and Supply W: Bank #0 / Pkt #96 = 8B 08 42 FF = 278.000 W Bank #0 / Pkt #97 = 4B 10 F1 FF = 300.000 W Anything you can do with this information to get these sensors work ? Also I got a AX860i in another computer and that one reads out fine with AIDA64 btw (Voltage, Current, Power for all voltages including the total) I connected that one in the same computer, connected to the same Corsair Link Commander Mini. So its not a conflict with other software that the AX1200i is not working Hope this will help getting it working DebugCorsairLink.txt
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