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  1. Is there a way to simply magnify the entire panel... Maybe it's the raw file is to small
  2. I have tried a hundred different resolutions, higher and lower. But still the panel only occupies the very upper left portion of the screen
  3. I really like a lot of these panels. great work guys. I would like to use some of them as templates and adjust where needed. My problem is that I have a very high resolution tablet that i am using. Is there any way to zoom in, or adjust the size of the panel?? I tried to just use a lower resolution, and that has not helped.
  4. I love the use of an android. I have an Asus eee pad tf101 10" tablet. I would love to use it for the sensor panel, but i can only connect it through wifi. so it's tcp remote only. I need to work a little more on the panel, but having some difficulties with the limited options. Anyone know how to label the sensors in wifi remote version?
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