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  1. It is a bit mask, correct, but as far as I can see in Aida the mask is then mapped/decoded in static strings. What happen if two happen at a given time? do you print two strings concatenated or just one of the two? ( I don't have a PC with Sli now, I will check next Monday). If you print just one string (apart the logic behind which PerfCap to choose) , it is already a bitmap decode to an integer (the string array index)
  2. maybe this C++ get method can help. Sound Graph Imon LCD has embedded icon to display speaker config. IDirectSound::GetSpeakerConfig
  3. Thanks for your reply. let me know if you need further help to investigate slow reading speed
  4. In the unlucky hypothesis that is it not possible to speedup the Corsair data gathering, have you ever considered to have more then one process to pool data from sensors ? I mean, for example 3 gathering process one process for OS data (OS is the fastest to provides info) one process for HW sensor (quite fast sensors) one process for third party SW or slow response time sensor (you AIDA or final users can assign the process to those sensors that has a slow response time). Doing this, when the scantime expires, the rendering process read the values from memory to pre
  5. Would be possible to add the following ? number of system speakers sampling audio frequency of HDMI output even if it seems not useful (has once you have set them, they stay forever) it is absolutely not the case. Windows 10 is a very bad boy, loves a lot to change speaker config and sampling frequency according to which process requests the audio card in exclusive mode. 8 / 10 times, windows make a lot of mess in managing this, and at next reboot you will have 2.0 @ 44100 hz speaker instead of 7.1 @ 192000 hz. To further complicate this there is the possibility
  6. the same workaround should be even possible using AIDA "Gauge custom" (in this case we can load our .png file). It should be more "clean and elegant" the gauge has 16 levels, so if AIDA can-define the value as above they will act in a scale 0-40 (step=10) so (40-0) / 16 = 2.5 is the corresponding step size in the png scale. FOR VOLTAGE (defined = 10) we define a gauge 0 to 40 with the following 15 step png mapping 0 to 3 black.png 4 green.png 5 to 15 black-png FOR POWER (defined = 20) we define a gauge 0 to 40 with the following 15 step png mappi
  7. I have also make a SENSORDEBUG->USB PSU Dump (requires about 40seconds, as it is rightly state in the bottom...up 2 minutes you wrote :-) I don't know if this helps to speedup reading, but some additional Wattage values are in there.....maybe you can use for displaying power in power out (the one you are display at this moment) power efficiency ------[ Versions ]------ Program Version : AIDA64 Extreme v6.25.5414 Beta BenchDLL Version: 4.5.824.8-x64 Windows Version : Microsoft Windows 10 Pro 10.0.17763.253 (64-bit) ------[ Motherboard Inf
  8. The guilty is Corsair RMi or "SensorInfo", but i don't know what sensorinfo could be. I have a HX1000i power supply. Can you improve this, or read this value from corsair software instead pooling the sensor ? furthermore there are some corsair value misisng power in power out (the one you are display at this moment) power efficency thanks for your help ------[ Versions ]------ Program Version : AIDA64 Extreme v6.25.5414 Beta BenchDLL Version: 4.5.824.8-x64 Windows Version : Microsoft Windows 10 Pro 10.0.17763.253 (64-bit)
  9. Hello Greston , Fiery, sorry for resuming this old post, but time has passed, AIDA goes strongly ahead, and maybe I have a workaround to suggest about that topic. SITUATION Let me resume. GPU performance can be limited by voltage power temperature sli link saturation Those value are mutually exclusive (just one set, other zero) REQUEST We need a sensor for them, for each one of them. A true/false 0-1 sensor. Then we need a sensorpanel item like a circle (LED). If sensor=1 then user pick a color, else another color. FIERY 2017 answe
  10. I have a problem with remote sensor (AIDA64 version 6.25.5414 Beta) To re-produce the problem: a remotesensor with a HH:MM:SS. just this update LCD frequency 100 ms (whatever you put does not affect the result). browser from the same computer where AIDA64 runs (core i7 5820k, 32ram + pci-e ssd, the pc is not slow). The SS updates once every 1,5sec about. I have also tried CPU usage bars and other sensors, and the behavior is the same, so it is not a HH:MM:SS related problem. I have also tried on a complete different PC, same behavior. How can i fix thi
  11. I am considering the possibility to start using sensorPanel, moving my actual monitoring setup (another sofwtare) to it. but I have several questions before starting (starting means buying the display, so before i start, i would like to solve some doubts) Let consider an external lcd connected with HDMI (so windows recognize it as a monitor) and touch screen enabled on it 1) Is it worth to have a touch screen as panel ? 2) I have never tried so sorry for this question: will be win10 capble to manage a normal monitor 4k HDR (YCbCr 4:2:2) and a second monitor 1024x600 (or whatever
  12. I am having a problem with AIDA64 beta (tried several versions). I make an intensive use of shared memory sensors sharing to another application. After 2 or 3 hours that AIDA64 runs, it stops writing to shared memory without crashing. In other words AIDA interface works but sensors reading stops. I would like to identify what brings AIDA64 in this crash state in order to try some sort of workaround. MY QUESTION IS is it possibile and how, to activate a debug log in order to spot exactly which action leads AIDA to a crashed state ?
  13. I'm glad to help you fixing this problem. I am using a GTX 1080 Founder edition with the last driver nowadays available. the corsair hardware i am speaking about is a corsair power supply Hx1000i I am using also some usb devices. I have tried to disconnect them all, but the problem is still there. also i have some started software, and in this case too i have shutted down them all to check if something changes but without success. so the usb device list is logitech g19 keyboard with color display logitech g500 mouse logitech k400 imon soundgraph VFD display microsoft xbox one
  14. Here it is: just some extra info that may be relevants 1) i have an asus x99-a II motherboard. i have read on the forum that the support for this motherboard was introduced recently 2) i am exporting also the external temperature sensor on the motherboard, where i have connected a thermistor 3) i am exporting corsair link data, i have read on the forum that the support for this sensor is quite new 4) i have tried to disable corsair link sensor support and restart aida64. WITH GREAT SURPRISE aida64 is still able to read data from corsair link even if i have disable it... it sound strange
  15. Can this happen even considering the following, as I wrote ? 2) I have tried to enable shared memory and disable the whole list of sensors shared, the no screensaver problem is still there I mean, the SHM is enabled but I am not exporting any sensors. In any case, give in a short I will post what you have requested....turning on the other computer...
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