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  1. I am having a problem with AIDA64 beta (tried several versions). I make an intensive use of shared memory sensors sharing to another application. After 2 or 3 hours that AIDA64 runs, it stops writing to shared memory without crashing. In other words AIDA interface works but sensors reading stops. I would like to identify what brings AIDA64 in this crash state in order to try some sort of workaround. MY QUESTION IS is it possibile and how, to activate a debug log in order to spot exactly which action leads AIDA to a crashed state ?
  2. I'm glad to help you fixing this problem. I am using a GTX 1080 Founder edition with the last driver nowadays available. the corsair hardware i am speaking about is a corsair power supply Hx1000i I am using also some usb devices. I have tried to disconnect them all, but the problem is still there. also i have some started software, and in this case too i have shutted down them all to check if something changes but without success. so the usb device list is logitech g19 keyboard with color display logitech g500 mouse logitech k400 imon soundgraph VFD display microsoft xbox one gamepad wireless adapter card reader two usb hubs - please consider that when i told that i have disconnected the usb devices, for the wireless ones, i have disconnected the transmitter, not simply turned off the receivers (mouse, keyboards and gamepad) - please consider that i have not uninstalled the device drivers during this operations. about the installed and running softwares fraps msi afterburner asus AI Suite 3 LCDHost iMon Manager Steam logitech gaming software comodo internet security samsung SSD magician Teamviewer - consider that Corsair Link software is not running, to avoid compatibility issue with aida64,as i read on this forum - consider that those software where closed during the test, but not uninstalled
  3. Here it is: just some extra info that may be relevants 1) i have an asus x99-a II motherboard. i have read on the forum that the support for this motherboard was introduced recently 2) i am exporting also the external temperature sensor on the motherboard, where i have connected a thermistor 3) i am exporting corsair link data, i have read on the forum that the support for this sensor is quite new 4) i have tried to disable corsair link sensor support and restart aida64. WITH GREAT SURPRISE aida64 is still able to read data from corsair link even if i have disable it... it sound strange, i don't know if it is realted to the screensaver problem or generaly speaking normal. edit: i have note that after disabling corsair link support, aida64 crash often, so it should be enabled if corsair sesonrs are read to avoid problems. 5) i am using sensor correction to adjust fan speeds (basically from rpm to %) 6) i am using a comodo internet security (antivirus + firewall) HWMonExtAppItems=SDATE STIME STIMENS SUPTIME SUPTIMENS SCPUCLK SCC-1-1 SCC-1-2 SCC-1-3 SCC-1-4 SCC-1-5 SCC-1-6 SCPUMUL SCPUFSB SNBMUL SNBCLK SMEMCLK SMEMSPEED SDRAMFSB SMEMTIM SBIOSVER SCPUUTI SCPU1UTI SCPU2UTI SCPU3UTI SCPU4UTI SCPU5UTI SCPU6UTI SCPU7UTI SCPU8UTI SCPU9UTI SCPU10UTI SCPU11UTI SCPU12UTI SMEMUTI SUSEDMEM SFREEMEM SVIRTMEMUTI SUSEDVIRTMEM SFREEVIRTMEM SPROCESSES SUSERS SDRVCUTI SDRVCUSEDSPC SDRVCFREESPC SDRVDUTI SDRVDUSEDSPC SDRVDFREESPC SDRVHUTI SDRVHUSEDSPC SDRVHFREESPC SSMASTA SDSK1ACT SDSK1READSPD SDSK1WRITESPD SGPU1CLK SGPU1MEMCLK SGPU1UTI SGPU1MCUTI SGPU1VEUTI SGPU1USEDDEMEM SGPU1USEDDYMEM SGPU1BUSTYP SVMEMUSAGE SUSEDVMEM SFREEVMEM SPRIIPADDR SEXTIPADDR SNIC1DLRATE SNIC1ULRATE SNIC1TOTDL SNIC1TOTUL SNIC1CONNSPD SDESKRES SVREFRATE SMASTVOL SBATT SRTSSFPS TMOBO TCPU TCPUPKG TCC-1-1 TCC-1-2 TCC-1-3 TCC-1-4 TCC-1-5 TCC-1-6 TPCIE1 TPCIE3 TPCH TPSU1 TPSU2 TVRM TTEMP1 TGPU1DIO THDD1 FCPU FCPUOPT FCHA1 FCHA2 FCHA4 FPSU FGPU1 DGPU1 VCPU VCPUVRM VCPUVID V33V VP5V VP12V VBAT V3VSB VDIMMAB VDIMMCD VPCHCORE VCPUCAC VVCCIO VVCCSA VPSU VGPU1 CCPU C33V CP5V CP12V PCPU PCPUPKG P33V PP5V PP12V PPSU PGPU1TDPP
  4. Can this happen even considering the following, as I wrote ? 2) I have tried to enable shared memory and disable the whole list of sensors shared, the no screensaver problem is still there I mean, the SHM is enabled but I am not exporting any sensors. In any case, give in a short I will post what you have requested....turning on the other computer...
  5. I have not understood if you have recognized it as a bug or not. Do you need any further help ? I have several windows 10 machines with totally differen, so if you wish I may install aida64 on all of them and try if the bug is reproducible on different hardware. Let me know thanks in advance
  6. The icons (with little lightning, water drop and tick) are dynamics and change according to conditions..... for example, parked core are green (top left corner) while the overclocked are red cpu temperature the same, blu the ones under 40°c then they become green orange and red. In a short, you can create finite state machine, define the conditions to enter in a state, and the action taken Look at the graph in the middle.... in the top I have a coloured graph that shows the FPS in the last 60 seconds. red colour under 20fps orange under 35 green from 35 up to 60 as you can see, the fps graph start from 10fps and has as top value 60. I have decided this, and i have decided the gradient color using photoshop to produce the desired color tones. The grid was made using photoshop too... then under the FPS graph, in a single one we have gpu clock, voltage and ram clock for the last 60 seconds Also, around you can find ram, vram, hdd read and write speeds usage bars (from green to yellow up do red) every small rounded rectangle, is linked to the neighborhood in a way i have defined, so resizeing or moving an element, propagate to the others this is full control.... I attach a JPG photo of the g19 lcd, instead of the screenshoots took from LCDHost
  7. QUICKRESUME the AIDA64 lcds support is poor and ugly, think bigger go ahead end offer something better Probably, the AIDA64 techsupport guys know LCDHost, if not, a quick story follows https://www.linkdata.se/software/lcdhost/ LCDHost was an app developed by a guy that decided to give for free the first release of the app to help him during debugging and developing. The app offer a FULL control programming of the Logitech LCDs (and others) by an intuitive graphical XML auto generation. The LCDHost is able to read shared memory and grabs data from third party software like aida64. The problem is that the guy that developed this SW abbandoned the project and decide to transform in an opensource SW. But the development is stopped, as no one has taken the leadership of the project The sofware is quite old, but works also in windows 10, with some workarounds.... but every year we "lost a piece" i mean that thirt party plug-in stop working due to modification of the newer relase of thirparty sw that are no more reflected in the LCDhost SO MY SUGGESTION IS, why don't FinalWire Aida64 buys LCDHost ? The inventor stop the project, ask him if he want to sell its creature Guys, speaking clearly, tha aida64 lcd support is ugly poor does not offer any kind of control.... is terrible ! Look what i was able to do with LCDHost interfaced to AIDA64
  8. I mean both, neither screensaver (the windows default ones, the only i have installed) nor monitor energy save work. As soon as I disable the shared memory in aida64, both start to work again.
  9. Hi, i have windows 10 x64 and aida64 5.70.3879 beta when aida64 is started, the windows screensaver does not run. I have found that the problem is the related to the shared memory option: when it is enabled = no screen saver when it is disabled = screensaver is ok PLEASE NOTE 1) the problem manifests even if the other application that uses the shared memory is disabled. I mean even if there is any application that is using the shared memory, the option activation in aida64 reproduce the bug. 2) I have tried to enable shared memory and disable the whole list of sensors shared, the no screensaver problem is still there 3) i have the corsair link module enabled. disabling it does not fix the problem suggestions ?
  10. Hello, windows 10 introduced a brand new way to managing the screen resolution, windows, apps and text zooming and this run into confusion the user and aida64 too. (quick explanation of new windows 10 high res managing) --- Previous windows 10, the user has the ability to modify the DPI size of texts in order to increase their physical dimension when high resolutions are activated, but this most of the time broke the application functionality as enlarging the texts and reducing the application windows sizes, due to increased resolution, always lead text out of application windows areas. Of course the user can manually modify the applied autozoom, even disabling, but infact is damn useful and work pretty well --- The problem is this if I use a resolution of 1920x1080, aida64 reports it correclty BUT if i rise the desktop resolution to 4k (i.e. 3840 x 2160, and of course i have a 4k monitor) suddenly windows detect this and triger the zooming function, enlargin everything to 225%. so even if my monitor report on the OSD 3840x2160 60hz resolution, aida shows 1707 x 960 and if you make the calculation... 1707 / 100 x 225% = 3840 and 960 / 100 x 225% = 2160 that is exactly the 4k resolution that I had defined. Aida64 infact is right, it is deceived by windows.... MY FIRST REQUEST IS: Is it possibile to insert a new function in aida64 in order to show BOTH resolutions ? suggestion "windows desktop resolution" and "monitor resolution" SECOND REQUEST / PROBLEM In the situation described above, if i start a full screen application, like a game and the game run in 4k, Aida64 continues to show the desktop resolution 1707x960 no the new full screen resolution imposed by the game. can this be fixed, or a new parameter inserted in the aide64 ? suggestion "full screen application resolution" Thanks for your help
  11. problem solved. I had selected the italian version language for aida64 on a windows 10 (in italian too). In the poll rate menu is reported 5,000 ms that means (in italian numeric notation) 5ms as for us the "," is decimal separator, not thousand. instead the software means 5,000 ms i.e. 5 sec, also when the italian language is select. I figured out later that the italian language is just a quick translation of some text menu, not the whole software and not numeric notation. thanks for your help
  12. i have 5 ms for all update frequencies. i have the same problem on OSD Sensor Panel external reading g19 lcdhost
  13. mmm there's something wrong ... 1) there is no update frequency in aida64 menu for hdd polling 2) windows polls the hdd write/read speeds every second, according to windows performance monitor 3) HWiNFO64 is able to poll the hdd write/read speeds every second like windows is it possible that you have wrongly connect the TEMPERATURE HDD POLLING (minimum allowed value = 10 sec) to the HDD PERFORMANCE polling ?
  14. The disk sensors like "Disk Activity" "Disk read speed" "Disk write speed" have an update rate of amout 7 seconds. how can i reduce the pooling time for those sensor ?
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