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  1. I am currently using FRAPS on my AIDA64 LCD monitor (a Saitek throttle), but FRAPS hasn't been supported in over 3 years and it's starting to show incompatibility issues with many DX11 games. Some games even tell you about this problem when you boot them, like Paladins or Fractured Space. I get regular crashes on MWO with FRAPS on the background. Is there any alternative to FRAPS for my LCD monitor? It's a really nice feature that I love, and wouldn't like to miss it.
  2. This is what I did. Beautiful, isn't it? image hosting over 5mb
  3. It worked! It's nice to see you can recommend the latest Saitek drivers now. This was the last excuse I needed to convince myself to buy AIDA64. It's a really good piece of software. Are there are LCD presets available I could import? Thanks again.
  4. My devide is the X52 Pro. I followed Saitek's instructions to install the DLL manually. I think it's the 64-bit DLL: how to screen capture upload an image Where can I find the 32-bit DLL? Thanks.
  5. I managed to install the DirectOutput.dll from the latest drivers. Now I get this error message:
  6. Hi Fiery, Thanks for sending the DLL. I have the same two issues described above by MasterDav when I paste the file to the Saitek folder and/or the AIDA folder. I am unable to find the 7.0.39 drivers online. Do you have them around so I can give it a try? Thanks in advance.
  7. Hello, I would like to enable this feature. I can't find the 7.0.39 drivers at ftp://ftp.saitek.com/pub/software/full/. I have currently installed the newest drivers. The 7.0.34 are available on the FTP above, but I don't know if they are recommended. Could you please send me the dll, so I can add it manually? BTW, my Saitek folder is on Program Files, not Program Files (86). Thanks.
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