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  1. It does not work. It still shows the option of only one battery output under power when I add a new sensor panel item. No battery 1 and battery 2. And the scaling on the sensor panel is messed up when I import my layout from the old version.
  2. Hello. I have been using AIDA 64 for a while mainly to keep an eye on temps, fan speeds and power consumption using the sensor panel. I have my computer power supply unit connected to an APC Smart UPS SUA-1500I and my monitors and HDTV, router and other stuff connected to an APC Back-UPS RS1500. Going to the power management section in AIDA64, I can see the wattages, voltages and other parameters of both UPS units, but I cannot add the wattage of the Back-UPS unit to the sensor panel. I can do so only with the smart UPS unit. Is there a way to add them both to the sensor panel and keep an ey
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