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  1. Thanks for the quick feedback. So if I understand this right there are a few options for setting up a sensor panel: 1) Android/iOS device and use Remote Sensor or Odospace to send the sensor panel to the Android device either wirelessly or wired. 2) Any monitor/panel choice that can be recognized in Windows and use as dedicated monitor for a sensor panel. 3) Supported LCD panel. I guess I'm trying to understand the difference between 2 and 3, and how they are functionally different. Does supported panels generally refer to panels on peripherals that Aida64 can control? I like the Android tablet idea but as far as I know, if an Android device runs out of battery, it will not automatically start back up when plugged in which could happen if the computer was turned off for a while. This would be annoying as I plan to mount the panel inside my PC case and would have to open up the case if it shut off. I might be able to come up with some way to make that work but maybe someone has already done something like this and might have a suggestion.
  2. Gunna start this off with an apology because I bet a lot of these questions have been answered at some point but I'm looking to add an LCD panel into my new build for the first time and I have questions about hardware compatibility and what the AIDA64 software can output: 1) Can any LCD panel work as an external display? I've noticed that some are listed as "supported" or "not supported" but I'm not sure what that actually means. If anyone would like to suggest panels: I'm most likely looking for a panel roughly 8"-12". 2) I have an Asus Maximus VIII Formula Motherboard and plan on adding a Bitspower temp sensor fitting to my watercooling loop. I think I saw that only 1 temp sensor port could be read through the software but I wasn't sure if that had changed or the part I have in mind would cause issues. 3) I would also like to add a flow meter into my loop. However I'm not too familiar with how the signal is read since I've never used one (I believe they report in RPM since they connect to a fan header?). I'm looking for a suggestion on a flow meter that will work with AIDA64 and allow me to report in GPM or similar units. Again thanks for any help anyone can give me and I'm open to any component suggestions.
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