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  1. Hello, I have a Z170 Mainboard and a RTX2070 graphics card (Odd mix up I know). I have 2 microphones (Blue Snowball, and one on my headset (G635). I also run HDMI from my RTX card to my external amp and I have my headset hooked up by USB. Would love to see on the sensor panel and option to display what audio input and output windows is reading at the current time, instead of having to dig for that info, especially if I'm in a game Thanks
  2. I have a Evga CLC and I've been searching through the forums and googling things. Is the Astek fan Control speed that I check off to make my fans work without the Evga software a range so I can set 50% to 100% fan speed and each fan runs to that percent? Or, is each box a set speed for each fan? If it's a range what determines the temp delta? Thank you.
  3. Hello Neat tricks with the values I have only NIC1 Graphs are no problem. The "NIC1 Connection Speed" stays at 7.8Mbps or if I change to Gbps changes to 1000Gbps. Maybe I'm not getting what this sensor measures or its intended use. I am using an MSI Z170A Gaming M5 Mainboard that has the Killer Ethernet E2200 with up to date drivers. Let me know if you need any other info. Thank You.
  4. Hello, I've recently upgraded my old ADSL 6Mbps connections to our towns new optic 150Mbps (168Mbps measured). On my sensor panel the Connections Speed was measured at 7.8 Mbps when I was on DSL but now it doesn't change to reflect the new connection speed. The Graphs I use to measure upload and download work (wish I could measure in MB/s instead of KB/s but I know that's coded and can't be changed) Not sure if it is something I need to change somewhere or is this just a bug. I'm running version 5.75.3940 beta. Thank you.
  5. I was playing around with win 8.1 today and I noticed there's a place where you can add 2 other time zones to the system clock you can mouse over in the system tray. Could there be a way to add I'm assuming Clock1 and Clock2 to the Sensorpanel as well as the local clock (assuming Clock0)?? Also could there be a way, or is there a way to format the Clock to ignore seconds, So HH:MM instead of HH:MM:SS?? Thanks
  6. Here is my Sensorpanel This was a shot underload, you can see all 8 cores being utilized and the temps I've also added my Sensorpanel file and if you want the background let me know. neostarchild.sensorpanel
  7. I knew it had to be simple .. but never thought of that .. thanks for the help and fast response
  8. Hi, I'm new to the forums here and I like what I see so far. I've been using Everest and now AIDA64 for a while but I'm running into probably a simple fix for a sensor panel problem I've been having. I've searched through the forums but I didn't see a possible fix and I see in the screenshots of other peoples work my issue is not there. I have the annoying magenta Right-Click on the panel to add or edit SensorPanel items and I don't know how I remove it. I hope its a simple fix. thanks
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