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  1. Hey folks Just built myself an awesome windows98 retro gaming machine on socket 754, has anyone managed to get aida working on 98?
  2. Simple things like this are not possible on windows10 Windows10 has been nothing but problem after problem since it was launched 5 years ago, yet we are all forced to use this horrible OS, it's just a huge bloated mess that's full of embedded crapware. Microsoft need to start again, this time make all the useless features a separate add on pack instead of forcing everything down our throats, i have tried my best with MSMG toolkit and NTLite to remove all the god awful embedded stuff but doing so either makes the OS throw up errors or breaks functionality of something else, i tell you what guys you're not gonna like version 2009 it's even worse! took me 10 minutes to find out where to alter the paging file. With every major release they introduce even more restrictions for the end user, microsoft are an utter joke seriously. Windows has turned from a gaming platform in to an advertising platform. I feel sorry for business users the most.
  3. AMD Panel Pro v1.03 Various changes, this one is for all of us wonderful Radeon 5700XT owners, again its for a 480x800 panel, Enjoy! AMD Panel Pro v1.03.zip
  4. RYZEN Panel Pro Here is one for you guys that have a RYZEN setup with a RADEON graphics card and one of those 480x800 USB displays, i made this from scratch a few days ago using Jasc Paint Shop Pro 9 and windows98, thought i would share it here for you to download. You will need to install rivatuner to use the FPS monitoring function, included are all the fonts, images and backgrounds, enjoy. On the left side is a logarithmic LED display for cpu and gpu loads, with cpu/gpu temp logos that change colour depending on temperature, at the bottom left are cpu/gpu icons that light up when they are idling at less than 6% load. AMD Panel Pro.7z
  5. They are 7" USB displays that use DisplayLink https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/DoubleSight-7-Inch-Smart-USB-Monitor-Landscape-and-Portrait-for-CCTV-PC-Display/293498331944?hash=item4455dd2328:g:EeoAAOSwlNpeXSwg
  6. Ive made a 480x480 CPU Usage gauge for ryzen, it has 20 states however aida64 only supports 15, but you can use 11 states for 0 - 100% CPU usage in 10% increments. This will fit perfect on those 7" USB monitors, you could also add your own LCD to the gauge for RAM usage etc. Included is the needle and blank background to make your own states, or make another gauge and use the needle in it. Hope this is useful to you, made with paint shop pro 9 on windows 98. Ryzen_CPU_Usage_Gauge.7z
  7. Mate how did you get the weather readout working? btw very nice!
  8. Im going to make a start on a 480x800 (portrait) sensorpanel for my lian li dynamic case, ive fitted a 7" usb lcd on the front glass it has a wicked picture
  9. Exactly the same issue here on my x370 taichi motherboard, fans spin to 100% randomly, only a reboot slows them down.
  10. No even from a fresh install aida 64 still does this
  11. There is a bug in aida64 tried 3 different versions all the same result, after a few minutes of aida running it spins ALL my motherboard fans to 100% only a restart slows them down again. ASRock x370 Taichi AM4 Motherboard 16GB Corsair RGB Ram ryzen7 1700 Windows10 Pro v1803
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