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  1. Sorry for the late reply.. I have exported these now and will send them once it changes again so you have before and after. Just to clarify my "external" drives are connected via a sata hot swap bay so they appear to the system as internal drives. This explain why adding and removing them messes with the list. This is not really a problem though. What seems to be the issue is that the drive numbers associated with a particular drive changes on reboot (not all reboots I don't think). So one drive was set to "data\sensor\aida64\thdd32_0" in aquasuite but after reboot it changed to "da
  2. I use the external application feature to send information from AIDA64 to Aquasuite. Not really sure if this is a bug but I'm finding the ID tags for sensors are randomly changing meaning that every week I have to go into Aquasuite and import the correct software sensors again. One way to force this is to add an external hard drive. When connected the ID's change and when removed they change back to what they were. At first I assumed this was all that was happening but they are also changing randomly over time with no hardware change. Is it at all possible to "lock" the tags (e.g. (d
  3. nice, thank you very much! I may have a small bug regarding sensor items changing id between restarts when using the shared memory. I export the temps to shared memory, import them into aquasuite and after a few restarts I notice the value selected in aquasuite has changed to a different sensor. I'm will do more poking about before starting a thread as (due to not restarting much) its difficult to get an idea of what might be happening. Maybe adding or removing a drive is shifting the id number or something. Thanks again for the limit increase and fix
  4. Sorry, i missed the previous message. Yes, this has worked perfectly and I'm able to see drive usage As for the drive limit, would increasing it to 25 be a little too much!? Maybe an option to enter the drive limit could be added to the options? Thanks again for this fix
  5. yep, can now see the temps from drives attached to the raid card. Thanks
  6. Aquasuite 2017-1.3 and an aquaero 6 PRO along with a farbwerk led controller. If i go into the aquasuite settings and just click "stop service" the readings for read/write all appear in aida64 and clicking "start service" will make them disappear again. When they are present I see they are limited to 10 drives, although I think this is a limit built into aida64?
  7. Had the same problem with disk activity now showing, found the program causing it was Aquasuite's background service. Is there any way I can use both aquasuite and use the disk activity feature of aida64?
  8. I have PM'd you the requested dumps. Thanks for looking into it
  9. I see this info in a FAQ about reading smart data from raid cards. "SMART information (including disk temperature measurement) for RAID array member drives can be displayed for 3ware, Areca, HighPoint RocketRAID 26xx, Intel, JMicron, and LSI MegaIDE RAID controllers. Other RAID controllers either do not have a driver that makes SMART readout possible, or they are not supported by AIDA64. Starting from AIDA64 v1.70, RAID SMART support is disabled by default. To enable SMART support for RAID arrays, you need to go to AIDA64 / main menu / File / Preferences / Stability, and enable the option
  10. I'm yet to find a piece of sensor monitoring software that can do this and I think it could be useful in many situations. My Idea is the ability to create a custom virtual sensor item, you can then select multiple real sensors of the same type (multiple temp or rpm readings for example) and then select weather you would like the virtual sensor item to output the highest value, lowest value, add values together or an average of all values. The situation I would find it useful would be the ability to create a virtual hard drive sensor, then select all the drives in my case and output t
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