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  1. totally agree. Thanks for implementing though. Just the process meter left then!
  2. I too would like to see this addition, specifically top 5 process by memory or CPU (switchable between the 2) on sensor panel.
  3. Here's mine with, simple with key info http://www.putlocker.com/file/A0FB454BC928EE4D
  4. Perhaps, but that is an extremely old version (it's not even listed on the asus site any more) oldest one is V1.04.01 these are not win8 compatible nor do they have the functionality required for newer boards., therefore the point is moot, with regards this conversation.
  5. No Probs. use a chasis mounted fan contoller, much much better. One of the good things about uninstalling AI suite is that you will see a noticeable improvement in performance. Espesc boot & shutdown times
  6. no there is nothing else you can do apart from log issue with asus vip forum (link given earlier by Feniks) I aslo urge you to check out the ROG site for the proper way to remove ai suite (you can't just uninstall, wont work) Both myself & Feniks posted heavily about this issue. http://rog.asus.com/forum/showthread.php?27556-Maximus-V-Extreme-Possible-1501-BIOS-conflict-with-AIDA64-EE-monitoring-in-background/
  7. thanks v much for such a quick response (& on a sunday too!)
  8. I have multiple HDD in my system (9) all of the same make, model & size (segate barracudda 2TB). When creating a sensor panel, is there a way to tell which temperature corresponds to which drive? As the model numbers shown are obviously identical. I haven't been able to work it out. Thanks in advance
  9. Ok, finished testing. Same issue with fan xpert still exists. But since the changelog did not mention a fix for this I did not expect it to work. Issue with games is repeatable onlyif system is overclocked. on stock it's fine, or mild overclock.
  10. will test today & let you know. However there is no mention of this issue in the change log. Further more. The issue became evident again in last beta. This is even without fan xpert installed. It seems to happen when playing certain games. Exactly the same synptoms. Can be repeated. Doesn't happen when aida is not running.
  11. Hope this helps Idel nvidiasmbusdump.txt loaded nvidiasmbusdump.txt
  12. Don't think so all listed seperatly. 3 seperate readings. Gpu diode on aida matches gpu in msi. Abient seems to be the same as VRM temp in msi, so which is it do you think (in aida) is ambient actually = VRM?. Still missing mem though.
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