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  1. Hello, My Sensor Panel had been working flawlessly for months and months. A few days ago my coolant temperature (sourced from T_Sensor3) and MoBo Fan (sourced from Assistant Fan) went missing. Looking in SensorPanel Manager I found T_Sensor3's data available as Temperature #2 and the Assistant Fan is nowhere to be found. Those 2 items appear correct in the Asus ATKEX sections of the attached ISA dump and Sensor Report. Thanks, Paul isasensordump.txt Sensor Properties.txt
  2. Fiery, Thanks for the quick reply, I re-renamed them to their original names. b/r, Tannerleo
  3. Hello, I've set up a sensor panel that shows nearly everything I'm interested in seeing. Just missing the 3 external T_Sensors that plug into my Asus Gryphon Z97. Sensor 1 monitors my coolant, sensor 2 monitors incoming air, and sensor 3 isn't connected. I think I remember seeing them on the sensor list when I first installed Aida64 a few years ago, but they aren't there now. Running 5.80.4 Let me know if any other info is needed and thanks in advance for your help! Tannerleo
  4. It's pretty simple, but it shows almost everything I want. If only I could include my Gryphon Z97's temperature probes! (image taken while folding with CPU and GPU)
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