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  1. Thanks, that made it so its at least not skipping numbers. I suppose I had this issue before and never noticed? Again, thank you for the quick response.
  2. I seem to have solved the direct boot to bios on a restart and hanging black screen by updating my bios(apparently the programs that monitor updates didn't do their job.) So my graphics card issue appear to be solved. Stilling finding a bit of lag with the AIDA64 clock on my keyboards LCD.
  3. Still having the same issue with the clock skipping after a fresh physical hardware install. Skips by 2 seconds ever 3-4 seconds it seems. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/n8zn4C
  4. Hello all, first time poster here. So I run Aida64 mainly for my Logitech G19s Keyboard. Today I upgraded from a Strix Rx480 O8GB to a Zotac Gtx 1070 Amp Extreme. I am finding a few issues off the bat. I am often getting stuck at alt-tab or transition screens some times forced to hard reset. After said hard reset, or even fresh installation prompted resets I am brought to bios. When I type text into Firefox there is some times a delay. My Aida64 LCD monitor time display some times increases by 2sec (lagging) My mobo drivers are up to date. I have DDU the AMD drivers. I install
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