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  1. Thanks so much for the effort you put in I downloaded the new software just hours after you posted it. Seems to be working fine now. Although I wouldn't say that removing or disabling a feature is "Fixing" it, however, I understand that the firmware issues is outside your software. I could have, (and did for a while) just disable all hard drive polling. Your solution gave me "some" hard drive readings back. I don't want to seem difficult, but my MAIN purpose for this software is to monitor sensors. This is a brand new build and I need to be able to see that all is running within my specs. Th
  2. Hi Fiery, Thanks for the quick response I will post the HDD info (report by Aida64 of course) I don't run any other monitoring software. I run a lean machine. Haven't even seen HW monitor in 10+ years, I think lol and don't even know what HD Sentinel is You may notice I have another, almost identical 5 TB (no issues). I recently checked it's info... it's list is much smaller. I recently read there may have been some issues with this drive being used as a internal, which I am doing but without issues. (pulled it out of a enclosure) but, it made those noises when it was used
  3. So, I love adia64 and have been using it for many years, however I have recently discovered it is the cause of the... how should I put it, loud, constant "clicking" or "drive read" noise. Here is the situation: Aida64 is set to start with windows (10 single language). (use it mostly for hardware monitoring) Sensor panel loads and stays active. It's a secondary HDD and makes no noise until I watch a video on that drive (over a hour) and sometime during the watching, you can hear the head buzzing/clicking LOUDLY aprox every 10 seconds. (Which lead
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