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  1. yes it can read the CPU multiplier.
  2. The SPD section is empty, under Device Description there are no DIMMs listed. I suspect something went wrong when I tried to run Thaiphoon Burner, it raised an error window saying it might conflict with AIDA64, which i tried to close to abort whatever it was doing, but I think it continued anyway. Rebooting etc hasn't made the SPD data reappear, is there a driver or something that has become uninstalled?
  3. Started AIDA today and it happened again (the lines on wakeup) - this is with 418.81.
  4. GTX 980, and 417.71. It's not resolved, it happened to me the other day.
  5. bit of an odd one...occasionally after the displays turn off (screensaver) my primary display will fail to wake from sleep, or it will come back and be corrupted (looks like there are scanlines all over it). a reboot fixes it, while turning the display off and on again doesn't, so it seems to be a software issue of some sort. i have noticed that if i shut AIDA64 down then it does not ever seem to occur, so it possible some corruption is happening when AIDA64 is reading the GPU data?
  6. yes, i've just had a bugcheck again (first time since i last posted). i'm on 398.11. i first started seeing this in early may, when 397.64 wasn't out yet, so i'm pretty sure it affects 397.55 as well, and possibly earlier versions.
  7. i've had AIDA64 running again for the last couple of days, somebody has fixed something because i don't seem to be getting the errors anymore. there's been a couple of Nvidia driver releases since then so perhaps that sorted it out.
  8. sorry, since i stopped using it i forgot to follow this up. no i don't have any Asus software installed because their software is awful. nvidia gtx980, 2 WD blacks, a WD red, a samsung 850evo and a crucial mx100.
  9. hi, is there any update on this? i've had to stop using AIDA64 altogether, it hasn't happened since.
  10. fyi it happens with load kernel driver unticked in preferences as well.
  11. since Windows 1803 my machine has rebooted randomly twice. WinDbg seems to be pointing to something in AIDA64 as the culprit:
  12. not really an AIDA64 problem, but are these errors in the Windows Event Viewer due to the BIOS, or is it some other piece of software I have on the system? : The embedded controller (EC) returned data when none was requested. The BIOS might be trying to access the EC without synchronizing with the operating system. This data will be ignored. No further action is necessary; however, you should check with your computer manufacturer for an upgraded BIOS.
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