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  1. What part of the AIDA report would it be possible to find the information from if i had a monitor type that was in the database?
  2. Hello. Is it possible to see from the AIDA file what type of LCD is connected? For example to tell if its an OLED or IPS panel.
  3. A follow up for the USB peripherals. Is it possible to get it to list the hardware ids related to the diferent USB devices?
  4. Thanks for the reply Ill take this into consideration.
  5. The project is about scanning for hardware information and then posting it to a page that can be used for (just an example) selling a product based on hardware. Its not easy to describe exactly what im trying to do. Alot of the other components in the computer, like the total amount of ram installed, or the name of the computer, can be targeted directly at say the Motherboard, and then sub section to Motherboard Properties, where the motherboard name can be found. The above applies to several other components aswell. By being able to pinpoint where the components are in the XML file, i can have a different script call to "Motherboard Name" and take the result from there, for example: ASUS ZenBook 3 UX390UA. The problem with the Camera / Bluetooth, in this case, is that if i follow the same logic for targeting a part, i would first target the "Summary" of the PC. Then under "Summary" i would tell my script to go to "Peripherals", and as it is currently i would have to make it call to "USB Device". Doing this could give me 5 different outputs, to the same field.
  6. Would there be any way to make it so that each "USB Device" obtained a #number. So that each one was called "USB Device #1" and then "USB Device #2". This would be so that i could call to one of the numbers and always get the property from that number, regardles of it is a camera or a bluetooth module.
  7. Hello. Im working on a project where i from XML files, want to be able to drag out specific parts of the hardware in a computer. But ive ran into a problem when i want to pinpoint the Camera or bluetooth. Most of the other properties like CPU or Memory can be pinpointed to the Motherboard or DMI, but things like Camera and Bluetooth are just listed under Peripherals. Is there a way to make the report put all peripherals in different sub categories. So say i could tell my script to go to "Peripherals#1" and pick the component from that category? Best regards
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