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  1. Very nice work and idea! As I understood - the two graphs (behind four dials at top) are also "live". What do they shows ? Where to get this Font ? Where to get this dials ? Will you share your panel file ?
  2. Greetings Fiery, here is my dump: sensorprof.txt ONE THING MORE - I FOUND ALREADY A PROBLEM. If i'm disabling "Embeded Controller (EC) support" under "Preferences > Stability" (with enabled "Odospace" or "RemoteSesnor" support) the lagging dissapears. But some of sensors (PCH & VRM temp. for example) dissapears from listing, so disabling this option is not solution for me..
  3. Hi, i've just moved to my new mobo from Rampage V Extreme to Rampage V Edition 10, and some strange in-ghame (Battlefield 4) single laging appeared. Other hardware was not changed. Windows 10 was clearly reinstalled. After enabling "Odospace" support in "LCD" tab, i'm having some strange single lag every 3-4 second in-game, and it repeats in next 3-4 second, and once more, and so on... The oher thing, that is "Update frequnecy" for "LCD" is set to "1000 ms", but the data on my Tab is renewed each 3-4 seconds, not in 1 second. This lag's are happening simultaneously with data renewal on my
  4. Seems to be okay. Need to check it in next stable release...
  5. Hi. I've noticed that after last update some sensor items dissapeared from "LCD Items", and dissaperead very oddly. I didn't checked all items but noticed two of them dissapeared: "CPU Clock" and "GPU Clock". And they dissapeared only under "Graph" and "Gauge" options in items: But they're visisble under "Sensor item" and "Simple sensor item":
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