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  1. Server + Client Tablet Huawei T1 10"
  2. Hiho, here my sysmon dashboard for Client and Server: an experiment with wallpaperengine and html as wallpaper
  3. u cant change the ark gauge. the problem is i cant use the normal gauges in remote.
  4. So my final. i ve put my pc and my server on one remote desktop. i open it on my third monitor with 1024x768 resolution in chrome with the kioskmode. i cant use some gauge, i have only ark gauge in the remote modus. so i do not need the graphiccard part on server :S but i have some nice part and i cant use it :S
  5. Color Test, and my problem is i have no idea what i can do with this :X
  6. Yes i test the gauge trick. but I do not know how that works. 15 picture and empty sensore???
  7. my next project, I do not know yet if it will be. i need gif support then i can use my gifs to animate the blue lines
  8. My config. inspired by drDriz SensorePanel 1024x728 is the resoltution and LCDHost on my G19 working in progress, it is not perfect. ....
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