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  1. Fiery, please be advised that the majority of all Gigabyte Geforce GTX 1080 Ti owners (if not all) that use the Aorus Graphics Engine and your AIDA64 software will experience the problem posted in this thread, the LED option from Aorus Graphics Engine software disappears. AIDA64 is causing the LED option to disappear from the Aorus Graphics Engine program. Please provide a workaround and eventually a fix. Do you guys realize that it's not an isolated issue (it's wide spread)? Are you working on a fix?
  2. I also have this problem. After doing some research online I found that many others are having the same exact problem, AIDA64 is causing the LED option to disappear from Aorus Graphics Engine software. AIDA64 has to know by now that is NOT an isolated issue, but rather wide spread issue with all users of AIDA64 and Aorus Grahics Engine software available from Gigabyte. Any solutions as of yet???
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