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  1. very much so, i would love it, its clean and sharp, also, is that screen your using have HDR enabled ??
  2. your like me ... tweaking anothers panel to meet our requirments, but yours is better than the originals i have a panel i have been tweaking .... it covers ALL the essentials .... except it now causes aidia64 to crash i tried using various layouts, backgrounds etc etc and what i use now is what i need for the basics, but i wish someone would create a high rez panel for a 1920 x 1080 lcd screen
  3. way to many core sensors, maybe cut down to the main cpu speed, FPS is a 50/50 thing with people who have the correct software installed. aside from my opinion .. you did really good chief
  4. ok ... i'm jealous i'm saving up for a threadripper system .... its my dream rig
  5. i dont meant the sensor panel lol i meant the actual pc specs my pc is outdated by at LEAST 3 years AMD FX 9590 OC @5.5Ghz 16gig ddr3 @2100Mhz ( max possible for the motherboard ) Asus crosshair formula Z GTX 1070 Ti 8gig case is a thermaltake tower 900 the only things NOT watercooled are the gfx card, motherboard VRM's and ram.
  6. I've modded your sensor to meet my needs such as larger cpu core bars increqased in size, i added other gauges for up / download speeds, since i cant use the FPS i changed it to time / date and i added a few custom tweaks
  7. Love the look of the rig for a great game (( for those that gave it a chance )), what are is the hardware used and what was the sensor panel you used ??
  8. i'm using an LG 49" tv for my monitor and i have a 55" OLED 4k HDR smart tv connected to my pc for certain pc games like cyberpunk 2077, death standing, horizon zero dawn and Detroit Become Human. but for everything else 1920 x 1080 non hdr tv at 60hz is more than enough for all other pc gaming. my pc hardware is from 2012-2015 and i can still play 4k games because my gfx card is the only thing that needs upgrading. 4.7ghz amd ( can be OC'd tp 5.5ghz if i increase the rad to 480mm and the res to 360mm but a 360mm rad and 240mm res gets me to 5.2ghz ) asus crosshair formula z motherboard 16gig ddr3 @2100mhz 8gig gtx 1080ti FE SSD's all round oh and 13 140mm fans i have a thermaltake tower 900 what do you use for FPS ??
  9. the screen i got came with its own stand which can be adjusted, it also came with a full size HDMI to mini hdmi cable and a usb cable for power. like you an OLED screen would be cool, if i could afford it i would use a 2nd hand OLED monitor off ebay as a sensor panel .. if i could really afford it i would have a 55" OLED as my main screen and a 2 x 23" OLED monitors at each side of my main screen, 1 of them would be the sensor panel with absolutely all pc stats and the other set up for social media like facebook and twitter while the main for everything else, heck think of a streamers setup and you get the idea ... a hardcore tech setup
  10. i modded a few in my time .... i some i did not stop modding untill aidia64 kept crashing because of the amount of stuff i had in each panel . being in the uk the prices may vary around the world. i got this one https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B083XZ5V17/
  11. i noticed that as well, it could be down to the the motherboard manufacturer, could also mean the person is using a motherboard addon to determine the ram temp. my motherboard had 4 headers for temprature probes .. so i could be that
  12. this is really good, i suck at making sensor panels as my attempt was superceeded by another user here on the forum. i attempted a star trek LCARS where the warpcore was set as the cpu core speed and other LCARS such as the weapons array were set for the individual cpu cores and fan speed were set for other parts of LCARS. needless to say i scrapped it as the file size ended up being over 100meg ... i went overkill on ALL aspects covering absolutely EVERYTHING motherboard, cpu, gpu, psu etc etc related. my own personal sensor panel exceeded 400meg ..... yeah ... when i do something i need it to be perfection and i need to use ALL the parts of the sensor panel ... its a major fault for me >.<
  13. i've been here for a long time and for months and months this thread was dead. then out the blue jayztwocents makes a video and .. POW .. in 3 weeks this thread went from being 25 pages to 56 pages. seems a popular well known and liked ( citation needed ) youtuber has this effect on aida64 community for custom sensor panels is really good. i do have a request ... when making your sensor panel can you try and include higher resolution panels, these days you can get 1920 x 1080 in a 7" screen, i bought a new screen for my system and i found out it has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 and to top it off ... it has freaking native HDR, its got better specs than my actual monitor. anyway i want to say thank you to the aida64 sensor panel community for reviving this thread once more. to the aida64 dev team i have a couple of requests for software ... can you include FPS abilities in any of the next updates. i hate having any more programs running in the background which suckup ram.
  14. that is really pretty cool. being an old fart, this gives me vibes of the sentry gun panels from aliens. please do if possible, can you share this
  15. found this on amazon https://www.amazon.co.uk/Stretched-advertising-screen-Supermarket-support/dp/B089215JWB/ref=sr_1_fkmr0_1?dchild=1&keywords=Hancai+8.8-inch+bar+screen+HSD088IPW1+resolution+480X1920+computer+secondary+screen+driver+HDMI+input&qid=1598962418&sr=8-1-fkmr0 https://www.amazon.co.uk/s?k=Stretched+Bar+LCD&ref=nb_sb_noss_2
  16. when you do something the devs cant ... thats just absolutely awesome
  17. that looks really nice and clean. hope you share it soon
  18. does anyone have this sensor panel as the weblink for it is now a deadend
  19. is there any chance you can make this available to us.??
  20. I've been trying to make a replica of the engineering warpcore panel using the warp core image as a pump speed and water flow controller (( top half would be flow control lower half would be pump speed. I also have many of the other panel be fan speed, temp's cpu clock speed and so forth. but it is so time consuming trying to work out what resolution to use. I just need an idea what is the most common resolution to allow everyone to use this is the layout but its difficult to make the individual custom graphs
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