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  1. Ok thanks got it figured out thanks to your help, I did purchase it then was completely overwhelmed by it so decided to just keep using nzxt cam so I removed it. Then decided since I paid for it to give it another try so downloaded it again but forgot to activate it lol thank you
  2. First time using Aida64 and for some reason my GPU and HDD temps readouts on the simple sensor item shows TRIAL. i have attached a screenshot to show
  3. Ok guys still playing around with this sensor panel, trying to keep it simple and small enough to fit on my 4" in case lcd display. i have tried everything to get it to read my gpu and hdd but it still shows up with trial. NZXT and MSI afterburner shows my gpu temps just fine and they were free, whhy cant something i paid for show these temps? again aida64 is new to me so i welcome any help i can get. Attached my sensor panel for anyone who is interested msi-red.sensorpanel
  4. Ok guess no one has one made I can use, playing around with it and came up with this so far. Why is my gpu and hdd temps showing trail? Like I said I’m new to Aida64 so any help would be appreciated.
  5. Hey guys new here and first time posting, got aida64 because nzxt cam is horrible for customizing. This is my current but very old build Motherboard gigabyte GA970A-DS3P AIO Corsair 120mm cooler cpu AMD fx 8320 oc’d to 4.4ghz gpu msi gtx 1050ti Corsair vengeance 16gb ddr3 toshiba ssd 240gb and a few hdd and other things that’s not really important. anyway ordered a new case, cooler, and a few other things and going to be installing an in case display and would really like a sensor panel that would go with my theme of black and red. If anyone has one I could possibly use that would be great
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