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  1. @sblantipodi, yeah my BSODs came back. The test ran for ~8-10 hours before my screen went black (followed by Kmode BSOD the next two times I tried). Hopefully, someone can find a solution for you =/
  2. Hey @sblantipodi, I just wanted to let you know that I was experiencing a somewhat similar issue. At first, I thought it was a bug with AIDA but then after talking to some people, I realized that it wasn't likely the case. I had bought a new Intel 545s M.2 SSD in the last two weeks and I had done a completely clean installation of Windows 10 Pro April Update on that. Ever since the April Update, I've been encountering errors (Mostly Kmode_Exception_Not_Handled, and one or two times Memory_Management for some reason). It was really bad... I was BSODing at stock settings (sometimes even before Windows loaded to the login screen, a couple of other times when I was loading into a game, or most frequently when I tried stress testing with AIDA). I tried everything I could think of or that I could find online by googling. For some reason, I was able to pass Intel Burn Test and OCCT CPU Test several times without a single BSOD, but no matter what I tried doing I would BSOD with AIDA (whether it be 15 minutes in or 49 minutes in). Luckily, I still had my old Samsung 850 Evo SSD with my old Windows 10 Pro installation (Pre-April Update). I plugged it in and booted into Windows 10. As of this moment, I have had the stress test running for over 6 hours without a single BSOD. Not sure if what I have been experiencing is somehow related to what you are, but if you have a spare hard drive and some time I recommend trying to do an installation pre-April Update Windows 10 and trying that out. Hope it helps!
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