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  1. All my gauges are custom made and only 1 img
  2. I am trying to export my current sensorpanel but every time I try, I get an error I/O 6. Maybe I am trying to export a large amount of items and it fails. I am unsure but do need some help or advice on this. Thanks
  3. It seems that I have managed to get the screen working without the panel disappearing but not sure how
  4. I just upgraded to a 9" screen . The connection is via HDMI and I have an ASUS Turbo RTX 2070. The LCD isn't well known, the name is Wholev form Amazon but it works great.
  5. Hey guys. I am currently using an 8 inch LCD display to show the sensor panel but have been noticing that it disappears when I load certain games (so far, rocket league and assassins creed origins). Does anybody know how to get round this our have knowledge of why this happens. Many thanks
  6. Thanks for your reply. I will double check as not sure but I have realised when creating my own gauges that I can make them large enough to be seen on it. I thought the size limit was that of the preview pane when setting them up.
  7. Is there any way to make the Gauge's larger as for some strange reason, my 5" 800x480 display has taken on the monitor resolution and now my sensor panel is really small. I've had to set the panel res to 2100x1440 for it to fit fully on the 5" display even though its res is set to 800x480
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