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    DTS values

    Hello, I'd like to suggest the option to display distance to Tjmax (delta of TCC/#PROCHOT in modern Intel processors) as reported by DTS in intel chipsets, instead of calculated core temperatures in Celsius/Fahrenheit. I have absolutely no interest in core temperatures, but find distance-to-tjmax invaluable. The possibility of choosing between the two would be a great addition to the program, I believe. Whether you want to retain the negative sign or not, is irrelevant (I'd rather have it, but that's entirely an irrational personal choice). Thank you for your time appreciating this suggesti
  2. Intel won't shut it down in any case. It will set a flag and its the bios that should shut it down. This flag is set already during a time where the CPU might take damage. This is so by design. And its why Intel recommends the CPU be shutdown prior to the flag being set. The CPU failsafe mechanisms have been already active for some time and have been trying to cool down the processor by throttling it. These failsafe mechanisms may however fail to do so. Usually because there's a cooler failure. If the last of these mechanisms runs for a given amount of time and the temperature still hasn't dro
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