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  1. This happens all too frequently. I have a 50Mb connection. Everything else is working fine. The main annoyance this causes is you cannot shut down the program while it is trying to download an update. You might as well get rid of the red X to close the Window, because, as I am sure you are aware, it does nothing. So you have to force quit with task manager. In this day and age, this is utterly incompetent coding. And please do something about your download server. It is, crap.
  2. Same issue. Just updated...well tried to...I only have 1.5 DSL so while trying to install the latest BETA I got a KMODE while trying to update while looking at the program. After the system rebooted, I tried to update again. This time it managed to update and restart...then KMODE a few minutes later...This program is completely unusable for me, period end of story. BETA version is .4679.
  3. I'm not trying to assign blame here. You're right it's an odd issue. There's probably other ways I could replicated it. I have all the monitoring disabled in Afterburner, I use it just for overclocking and setting a fan profile. It runs 24/7 without issue. HardwareInfo I don't use often and I don't believe I have had a crash from it. I don't use monitor sleep. Nvidia, using the Optimal Power, setting introduced an new low power state that doesn't refresh the buffer with a static state on screen. I'd had to refresh my memory to give you more details on it.
  4. I can confirm they are not gone. I will get a KMODE exception every single time if I forget and don't close AIDA64. X99 FTW K 6850K 1080 Ti Win10 1803 all updated and stable as a rock except for this. I've been paying for AIDA for nearly a decade. I'd hate to stop using it because of this. So..right now my paid until 1/30/2020 license is kinda useless. Long Live Lavalys
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