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  1. I was able to replicate the issue when going to sleep, so restart/shutdown/sleep can lock the keyboard with Aida64 info on it. Never locked yet when exiting Aida64 before a restart/shutdown/sleep. Cheers! K
  2. It often happen on a restart/shutdown (so far it never happened if i exit aida before restart/shutdown). I will test with "sleep" to see what happens. Weird part is that ErP is set to S5, so in theory there shouldn't be any power sent to keyboard. I tried many usb port. Cheers! K
  3. Hey there, Often, when i restart/shutdown, the z10 keyboard will lock up with the information that aida64 displays on it. They only way i found to prevent this is to exit Aida64 Before i restart/shutdown. Otherwise i have to unplug/replug the keyboard or turn the psu on/off. Cheers! K
  4. No issues at all since the beta upgrade. Thank you again, Cheers! K
  5. So far so good. I'll report back in a few days. Thank you very much for all the helps. Cheers! K
  6. Here are the file(s). I also uploaded the HDD dump, since that is the dump that led me to the problem by freezing a long time on: [ HDD: AsusTek ROG RYUJIN USB Device ]. As soon as re-enabled the storage device the problem re-occured right away. Cheers! K usbdump.txt hddsptidump.txt
  7. I disabled it under storage devices as recommended in another forum (I should of tought of that sooner lol). So far aida is working fine. I'll see how it really goes in a day or two. Cheers! K
  8. I think the problem might be related to my Ryujin 360. When i do a HDD SPTI Dump, the dump freeze a long time on: [ HDD: AsusTek ROG RYUJIN USB Device ]. Not sure why it's considered a HDD. Cheers! K
  9. Sorry to report that didn't do the trick for me, AIDA64 still freeze randomly for random time period. Will continue looking. Cheers! K
  10. Will give this a go when i get to my pc and share the results. Thank you very much for the information. Cheers! K
  11. I just did a clean install of windows 10. I installed aida64, it work great only until i reboot my pc, then it returns to random freezes. Not sure what to try next. Yes, i have an AIDA64.ini in my install folder. Cheers! K
  12. Hey there, I recently upgraded my pc, i changed 3 things: MB: Maximus XI Extreme CPU: 9900k Cooler: Ryujin 360. Since then aida64 takes a very long time to start, become randomly unresponsive for random amount of time, sensor panel too. Aida64 never crash, it just become unresponsive randomly for a random time. I uninstalled Aida, did registry cleaning, rebooted, re-installed Aida and same thing is happening. Any help would be appreciated, thank you. Koithim
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