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  1. I too have been using Samsung SPF (87H) in Windows 10 for years; without any realy problems I might add.

    I don't have it running every day, so I don't know when it stopped working, but it's a bit odd...

    When I start the display, it says "PC connected via USB cable".
    I then select "Mini Monitor"; this always takes a few seconds; but while I can see in the Device Manager, that your "libusb-win32" driver is being loaded, it suddenly gets unloaded with a message displayed on the SPF: "Your photo frame must be connected tot he PC"

    I've already tried a different USB cable and several USB ports (back or front); as it was working at least a few weeks ago: could a Win-Upd have "broken" the driver?

    I don't even have the latest version; only an up2date 1909...

    Does this driver work for you? What's your Win10 version? Latest updates installed?

    Thanks for any infos!

  2. But isn't Aida for now only reporting the current (possible) "boost clock" of each core?

    I write "possible clock", because most cores's a sleeping or even parked and Aida reports like 3.8GHz...

    So if HWinfo is actually averaging and not pulling the current frequency from some register or what not (I'm not a programmer^^), then wouldn't it be feasable for Aida to at least show "0" MHz for Threads that are parked?


  3. It would be really awesome if there were some way to customize the text that's outputted.

    "Reliability Voltage" is quite long; if for instance we could change that text (via Registry, in the Settings or directly in the Sensor Item), that would be awesome!


    • no Text for "Utilization"
    • PWR for "Power Limit"
    • VOLT for "Voltage Limit"
    • TMP for "Temperature Limit"

    Maybe it's possible via some ini/cfg that I didn't find; would be good enough for me :-)



    19 hours ago, Fiery said:

    I have no idea what's enabled on your configuration :) But I'm glad you've managed to make it work.  These days it is becoming more and more challenging to use legacy hardware...

    Well, I thought because not using Bitlocker would disable SecureBoot. But it is not so: I just checked via msinfo32 and it's still "on"!?

    I ... thought it must be SecureBoot, but it actually was Bitlocker that disallowed the USB-LCD (which actually reports itself as two USB memory sticks)!?

  5. I just bought this digital picture frame because the new (mechanical) keyboards from Logitech have no LCD anymore. And I have to say: this works and looks beautifully!

    My question isn't really Aida related, but I don't think anyone else would have this display connected to the PC and so may know about this problem:

    Every time this display is powered on (and connected of course), I cannot boot my PC.

    The computer won't even pass the Bios to get to the Bitlocker screen. When I disconnect the Samsung, and reconnect it again, when I'm at the Bitlocker screen, I can see that the keyboard isn't working (Logitech G910).

    As soon as I disconnect the Samsung, I can enter the password again.

    Does anyone know how to work around this problem? Any bios setting I don't know about?

    Thanks in advance!

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