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    CPU / Network - task manager like list

    Ok, I'm upvoting! This would be a very neat feature indeed!! :-)
  2. dlder

    Time and date as gauge

    Just to be clear - as I too was looking for an analog clock: this is not supported? No 24h + 60min clock hand? Bummer... o_O
  3. dlder

    Samsung SPF-75H

    Well, I thought because not using Bitlocker would disable SecureBoot. But it is not so: I just checked via msinfo32 and it's still "on"!? I ... thought it must be SecureBoot, but it actually was Bitlocker that disallowed the USB-LCD (which actually reports itself as two USB memory sticks)!?
  4. dlder

    Samsung SPF-75H

    Ok, I'm now using VeraCrypt for FDE instead of Bitlocker and it works! In my understanding, Secure Boot is not enabled in this configuration (right?) - the system drive is encrypted, nothing more.
  5. dlder

    Samsung SPF-75H

    Wow, it really was Bitlocker!?! I've gotta research that... hopefully I can find something
  6. dlder

    Samsung SPF-75H

    Well, it worked with a notebook. Fuck. I'm all out of ideas... Could it be something with Secure Boot and Bitlocker (although I do use CSM!)?
  7. dlder

    Samsung SPF-75H

    I'll try it with a different PC. Thanks anyway :-) Just to be clear on this: no one else has this problem, right?
  8. dlder

    Samsung SPF-75H

    I just bought this digital picture frame because the new (mechanical) keyboards from Logitech have no LCD anymore. And I have to say: this works and looks beautifully! My question isn't really Aida related, but I don't think anyone else would have this display connected to the PC and so may know about this problem: Every time this display is powered on (and connected of course), I cannot boot my PC. The computer won't even pass the Bios to get to the Bitlocker screen. When I disconnect the Samsung, and reconnect it again, when I'm at the Bitlocker screen, I can see that the keyboard isn't working (Logitech G910). As soon as I disconnect the Samsung, I can enter the password again. Does anyone know how to work around this problem? Any bios setting I don't know about? Thanks in advance!