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  1. After the Latest update, everything works fine. Thank you.
  2. I did uncheck but i have only one checked and nothing still sensors don't work for me. As far as i understand the sensors dont work so app fo my g19 keyboard don't work either because of this error.
  3. Ok. Thanks for the response. So My results are: 1. Ok. dump completes properly. 2. gets stuck 3. gets stuck 4b. Ok. dump completes properly. 5b. Ok. dump completes properly. Under gets stuck i mean Aida stopped working and i have to kill it.
  4. Hello. I updated program to the latest beta version and it appeared what program is loading information from sensors forever. I just press sensors and it start loading information until i close the program. I have Maximus XI Hero with COre i9-9900k. FOR the 1st time on stable version program not showing temperatures i update to beta from November 3 or whatever version it shows everything and now i found the version from the end of 2017 which is working but not showing all coolers but at least showing CPU and GPU temperature. How to fix this.
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