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  1. Greetings to you friends! I suggest in the sensors section add the minimum and maximum values. and add these values to display on LCD
  2. Greetings to you friends!  Thank you very much! For a very fast implementation and quality work done.
  3. Thanks friends! I look forward to the new beta version.
  4. Greetings to you friends!  There is another idea. Increase the number of pages to display on the LСD screen. Now only 4 pages are used, but this is not enough. It may be possible to make the user himself indicate how many pages he needs.
  5. Greetings to you friends! Yes! It works great. If possible, add all the resolution standards for text displays. Great thanks to you for a quick solution. Have a nice day!
  6. Hello friends! I use a text LCD display with a resolution of 24x2, please add a display support with this resolution to the AIDA 64 application.
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