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  1. I have an RTX 2080ti and have also experienced the lines as well whilst running AIDA64. Next time it happens I will try get a quick photo.
  2. Fairly new to all this so bare with me. I have AIDA64 running with a sensor panel linked to a small 5" 800x480 HDMI display. This is set up as a second display and in the "Extend desktop" from my 34" Predator. I have the Sensor Panel fixed size of 800x480 and I have it locked on screen position over the small 5" screen such that everything is working perfectly with my main display, and all temps etc from the sensor panel on the 5". AIDA64 is set to open on start up, which it does perfectly. What I have noticed though, is that the 2nd monitor (5" display) will not work on a restar
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