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  1. Hi guys, as title says, im running first AIDA64 Stability Test of my life. (I was looking for a cpu,gpu,ram and ssd test, all in one). Exactly because its my first time, i have no idea if temps im getting are ok or not. That's why im glad to hear you opinions about them. This is a new build, mounted everything this morning. Test is running since 3 hours and i plan to let it run for 24 hours, to be sure everything is alright. CPU: I5-9600K TEMP: (the general "cpu" value, the one beside specific cores value) [51°] GPU: RTX 2080 Sea Hawk TEMP: (GPU Diode) [63°] RAM: Corsair 16 GB DDR4 3000Mhz TEMP: can't find any value ram related, maybe it's just me :/ SSD: Samsung 970 Pro TEMP: [62°] MOTHERBOARD: Gigabyte Z390 I AORUS PRO WIFI TEMP: [47°] Other values, not sure what are they: AUX: [51°] VRM: [54°] PCH: [55°] PCH Diode: [68°] And, to finish, i want you to know that the cpu cooler is a Corsair 100i v2 and the cpu thermal paste Artic MX4. Is there any dangerous value? Do you have any advice? Thank you so much for everyone dedicating me some of its time!
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