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  1. All of those are off honestly except for a few that monitor the sensors I want ADIA to watch, I played the trial and error game with those to see if I would get a hit or miss and didnt get anything from it.
  2. I was curious if there was a way to disable sensor monitoring, reason I was asking is due to the known issue about the Commander Pro and im just trying to find a temporary work around, I would like to have the commander pro running with the voltage and fans monitors so that its reading correctly and AIDA64 run the others without the fluctuations of the fans. I am hoping that this method will work.
  3. Everything is working great so far, only thing missing is the memory clock.
  4. Performing a debug to see what sensors are being read, everything is shown there but there is still quite a bit still missing from the sensor page and panel. Memory clock, GPU Utilization, all GPU related temperatures are still missing. GPU/memory voltage values, gpu/memory current values and gpu/memory power values, GPU clock, GPU MC utilization, GPU bus type, GPU power control (needs a space in between the words in the sensor panel but is not present in the sensor page) is present in the sensor page and panel. atigpureg.txt
  5. I am also having the same issue with AIDA 64 sensor panel not showing temps for the Radeon VII. I am on the current version stated above. From the debug it reads the temperatures and lines up with other programs but the option for the sensor does not appear in the sensor panel atigpureg.txt
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