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  1. Thanks for the speedy response, I've tested this latest build and indeed the rpm readout is now the desired one. Thanks for the amazing product!
  2. Thanks for the timely reply! Yes, I can comfirm that by listening to the fan and watching the numbers in HWiNFO. And TACH(0) seems to provide the RPM number with more precision. Also maybe due to some bug in my model's EC/ACPI imp'l, _TZ_.RFAN(0) tend to jump erratically, ranging from 100 to several tens of thousands, so I would like to know is there a way to customize AIDA64's reading a bit. Thanks!
  3. Hello, I'm trying out and evaluating AIDA64, looks like an excellent all-rounder! My hardware is an old laptop ASUS U32U. However I noticed that CPU FAN rpm value is using the "wrong" source. Here is part of the ISA Sensor dump: _TZ_.RFAN(0) : <TYPE>0</TYPE><LEN>4</LEN><DATA>31</DATA> _TZ_.RFAN(1) : <TYPE>0</TYPE><LEN>4</LEN><DATA>31</DATA> _SB_.ATKD._HID : <TYPE>1</TYPE><LEN>8</LEN><DATA>pnp0c14</DATA> _SB_.ATKD.TMPR : <TYPE>0</TYPE><LEN>4</LEN><DATA>2034968</DATA> _SB_.PCI0.LPC0.EC0_.CCTV : _SB_.PCI0.LPC0.EC0_.LRPM : _SB_.PCI0.LPC0.EC0_.HRPM : _SB_.PCI0.SBRG.EC0_.ECPU : <TYPE>0</TYPE><LEN>4</LEN><DATA>62</DATA> _SB_.PCI0.SBRG.EC0_.TACH(0): <TYPE>0</TYPE><LEN>4</LEN><DATA>4294967295</DATA> _SB_.PCI0.SBRG.EC0_.TACH(1): <TYPE>0</TYPE><LEN>4</LEN><DATA>4294967295</DATA> Firstly I manually set the CPU fan to fully stop, wait for it to spin down completely. AIDA64 uses the reading from _TZ_.RFAN(0) = 31, which shows up as 3100rpm. Whilst the correct value should be read from _SB_.PCI0.SBRG.EC0_.TACH(0) whose current value is 4294967295, which is 0, the correct value. Using SpeedFAN and HWinfo, I can see the "correct" value. I understand that there might be a bug in my motherboard's EC or ACPI table, cauing the method RFAN to return erratic values. My question is that, is it possible to customize AIDA64 to use the desired readout (TACH(0)) from ACPI? Full isasensordump is attached below. Thanks! isasensordump_2.txt
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