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  1. After I had the display completely de-energized for 1 day, it is currently running without any problems. It does not get hot either. Strange, I'll keep watching
  2. Thank you now it works. I have Corsair Link to version downgrade otherwise Link had lost the connection to the fans. A problem is still here. After about 5 minutes the display stops updating itself. Aida continues to run normally. If I restart Aida, the displaywill run normally again until after 5 minutes it stops updating
  3. Yes, the screen does not change to the mini monitor mode. The driver I have already tried to installieren, it opens for a second, a DOS window and more does not happen
  4. Hello First I apologize for the bad english. I am from Germany and work with Google Translater. I have the same problem with the spf 85H, Win 10 instaliert. It does not switch from mass storage device to mini monitor. Driver can not be installed (DOS window opens for a few seconds) It is said that he can not find libus0.dll (Error: Can not find DLL (libusb0.dll)) Is there already a solution or should I get another screen? for example EVE2-70G with USB adapter.
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