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  1. nice, look forward to it being a native possibility, this works with cpuz, maybe for insight. Clear-Host $i = 1 Do{ #Generate CPU-Z Log file Start-process "C:\Program Files\CPUID\CPU-Z\cpuz.exe" -ArgumentList "-txt=cpuinfo" -Wait #Variables $CPUtemp = (((Get-Content "C:\program files\CPUID\CPU-Z\cpuinfo.txt") -match "Temperature 0") -match "Package").substring(16,2) $CPUpercent = Get-WmiObject Win32_Processor | Select -expandproperty loadpercentage $RAM = Get-WmiObject Win32_OperatingSystem | Select totalvisiblememorysize, freephysicalmemory $RAMtotal = [math]::Round($r
  2. Hi, Will there be support for the ryujin 360 oled screen for hardware stats on non asus motherboards pulled from wmi? This would be hugely appreciated. Thanks
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