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  1. import in LCD section then it would show in localhost web
  2. it will be cool if u make pacman moving around
  3. that icon has been flatted into the background, u can replace it by edit the background image
  4. web version can be easy scale by press ctrl +/- on your keyboard, so u dont need specific 1024x600
  5. what is your problem. 516 Download times but look like not all of them success in make it work
  6. open your browser and type localhost:80 your
  7. Enable remote sensor is enough, it work in web so every device with web browser will able to do it. From a tablet, a phone, a nintendo switch or ps vita is fine
  8. working in progress i saw they could do as u need in taobao
  9. Quite similar with sensorpanel except that LCD support GIF file
  10. @antonio Can u share the vertical profile like the pic i quoted above. Thanks in advance
  11. Thanks, cool present for lunar new year 2021, I have been looking for this sensor profile quite a while. Do u have any other related sensor profile
  12. another solution is set your resolution to 1280x800, then the panel will automatically fit your screen
  13. you can trim it a bit and rearranged the layout. It still has some space to cut down
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