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  1. To my surprise, my 12 V sensor reading in AIDA64 is stuck at 9.97 V! (I'm having some issues during heavy gaming at the moment, so decided to check and log with AIDA.) Not sure what's going on yet. Surely that can't be accurate, but your 3.71 V seems extremely improbable, if not impossible. Update: BIOS shows 11.90 - 11.97 V, seems fine. Perhaps an AIDA bug? Need to test manually with multimeter, if PSU is a concern. Also check BIOS sensor readings, and perhaps alt software. In my experience, sensor readings are not exactly reliable, and not deemed very important by hardware manufacturers. I'm not too worried quite yet. Specs: AIDA64 6.25.5400 (portable). ASUS ROG B450-F (BIOS 2512). Corsair SF450M PSU. MS Windows 10 (build 2004).
  2. Just want to add: AIDA64 supports many if not most reputable UPS (including my CyberPower 850VA). Thanks to Fiery and devs for implementing this. UPS is highly recommended, for a variety of benefits. I'm regularly checking my power usage, both on UPS physical LCD screen and AIDA64 sensor readings (under Battery). Example: My entire PC (with monitor, amp, speakers, etc) runs about 90 W idle, up to 275 W gaming.
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