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  1. ROG Edition I uploaded the font i used as well pirulen rg.ttf 2019-10-08-Final.sensorpanel
  2. It works perfect, also when gaming. Thank you so much Fiery :))
  3. Thank you Fiery, i just disabled Embedded Controller (EC) support and it helped with the Core spikes. I'll keep you updated on the gaming part later.. The autostart function, i can make an automated task in windows that is delayed for a minute after start/logon if it still hangs in loading screen.
  4. I use the OSD display to monitor the temp, fanspeed, pumpspeed and uptime etc.. Then i use Rainmeter and Gadgets from Silverazide so i can see some other monitoring stuff. First thing: I recently build a new machine and discovered when playing Battlefield 5, that it suddenly lags and stuttering so it was almost unplayable. It stopped when i closed AIDA64. Second thing: I see that AIDA64 also causing some CPU core usage/spike.. But its only 1 core that gets 100% load for couple of seconds then down again and few seconds after it goes up on 100% but only 1 core. Third thing: I use to have AIDA64 to autostart with windows, but because it hangs at loading screen, i had to wait a minute or so and then i could run it without hang. (it was not able to load the info for the disk drives) Have been running AIDA64 on older systems without any problems, so this makes me not having AIDA64 running in the background. Is there anyone else having similar problems or is it just me? Is the CAM software from NZXT causing this? This is a software i dont have used before, thats why i may think it could influence.. Specs: ASUS Maximus XI Extreme, Intel I9 9900K, 32GB Tridentz DDR4, Samsung 970 Evo Plus 1TB and a NZXT Kraken X72 AIO Watercooler
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