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  1. It works again after completely disabling rotation from dropdown list (after 5 minutes waiting for sensor information to be discovered). Enabling rotation at any degrees causes the access violation error again
  2. it worked before trying to select other than 90 degrees (first trial), now I get "access violation 00A0D9A7 in moodule aida64.exe. Write of address 0AE3C000" also at standard 90 degrees (also in lcd elements I still get portrait preview and 116x480 resolution), and lcd gets only backlight (no background, I can oonly adjust brightness).
  3. Hi. after selecting 270 degrees rotation, AIDA64 gives me access violation error...while the lcd partially turns itself light blue and doesn’t work. Sometimes the USB2SPI is not recognized until system reboot. Would you gently be able to fix it?
  4. Hi. Would it be possible to configure portrait mode for the EVE2-38G?
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