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  1. how do you get a top to bottom bar graph? when i set it up it only gives the option for left to right
  2. cpu and gpu utilization and temperature. when running nzxt cam / task manager / core temp for example, all 3 of those display the same values aida 64 seems like my gpu is at 99% while the load on taskmanger and nzxt cam are around 50-60%
  3. so i ended up getting it working. i wasn't on the latest beta version. i installed that and restarted and all the sensors were there. but now i have another issue in that the sensors don't seem accurate when comparing them to task managers / core temp / nzxt cam for example.
  4. is there anyone that's able to help. I can submit whatever is needed let me know .
  5. There are some other sensors but I'll stay focused on this one before moving on
  6. Hey there everyone. Having a bit of trouble with the sensor panel using AIDA64 Extreme. Not all sensors are listed. Things like GPU Utilization are not listed (even though when I'm using GPUZ every sensor is listed). Using CPUID HWMonitor It has all the sensors I'm looking for. I'd like to use the AIDA64 extreme sensor panel on a small 5 inch display off to the side in order to monitor my system/hardware. Are there any steps I could take or information/pictures I can provide in order to help solve this issue? Thanks in advance for the help. Really stuck here.
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