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  1. Modified one of the SensorPanels from here to portrait. SensorPanel2020-09-03.sensorpanel
  2. I will try to make this from scratch now that I have the guages, can I request a feature: l like the move feature, if possible can we have a resize feature, you right click, select resize, and get resize arrows on that particualr item.
  3. I suspected scaling issue but I can't find any setting to resize the guages.
  4. HI, just got Aida64 Extreme for my new PC coz my 3900X was running hot and the Wraith cooler was spinning up & down frequently at idle with no load so I wanted to stress test and monitor the system stats. I found the SensorPanel very useful but the customisation is not very intuitive so I took one from this Reddit post, and downloaded the sonsorpanel file from the poster's link but mine doesn't look like his SensorPanel, looks like scaling/sizing issue. I did a clean Windows install and installed Aida64 Extreme again and imported from the link again but same issue, the gauges & bars have shrunk and I couldn't find any settings to resize them. 2019-08-09 fixed.sensorpanel
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