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  1. I already checked that. Unfortunately I haven't found any option in my UEFI settings to stop power delivery to my USB ports on shutdown. My motherboard is the ASUS ROG Crosshair VIII Hero (AMD X570 platform). I was hoping for a command I could send from within Windows 10 to the BeadaPanel to turn it off. As far as I know it runs some Linux distribution. I see the famous Penguin logo when the panel turns on. I have no Linux knowledge though, so no clue if what I want, is possible. Nevermind. I found the option to turn it off. It was not directly recognizable as such, but here is the UEFI setting: It was on Disabled by default. I switched it to Enable(S5). S5 power state is for shut down modus. Now my USB ports turn off their power when I shut down my PC. Perfect!
  2. Today I received the BeadaPanel 7" LCD Panel. It works perfect and setting it up was a matter of plug&play. One question though: When I shut down my PC, the AIDA64 sensor page is turned off as expected, but the panel stays on with the company logo on it. Is it possible to power off this panel, when I shut down the PC, without me having to remove the USB cable?
  3. I am using a 7" Beadapanel LCD Display which works out of the box with AIDA64 (via USB):
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