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  1. The motherboard make and bios is in the file I attached if thats why you havent answered
  2. Its the latest version but did it before update as well. What I meant was core clock never drops to below 3600 and go to sleep like in Ryzen master. Not really concerned about that though more interested why its 3600 base. Have attached pic 20201217_082522653_iOS.heic
  3. My Ryzen 5800x is showing base clock as 3600 instead of 3800. Seems to show boost to 4850 ok though. Also is sleep state not supported? Using ipad with Logitech G-hub and arx
  4. I like the layout. How do you make the gauges dynamic?
  5. Hi, I'm using Aida64 with Logitech app on my old iPad. Everything is working well except the gauges vanish on the iPad but are still on the panel im working on with the pc. The content (that's is temps ect) are still there but not the ring and a little misaligned. All is fine on the pc screen. Any ideas? Thanks
  6. This is dumb but how do I import a custom panel I downloaded?
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